Friday, 13 January 2012

RedBull Canimation Competition_Finalist

Directed and animated by Bexie Bush
Featuring the voices of Mike Moran, Alex Moran, Jon Ormrod and Andy Rea.

Recorded, story-boarded and animated in 2 full days-straight- working through one night ....Bexie made her film, 'Canned Laughter' for the RedBull Canimation competition.

Who better to endorse the qualities of Red Bull than the very people who love it most – young men?
This film, entitled, “Canned Laughter,” is presented on stage as a spontaneous and zealous discussion between several guys who get together to sample the merits of Red Bull and to sing its praises.
While sharing their thoughts on the energizing qualities of Red Bull, they inject a certain curiosity and wonderment about the product and its influence on club culture which leads to a humorous and enlightening flurry of celebration in the woodlands where they are spending the weekend.
Bexie got to go to the finalist award ceremony in London with her friend, Alex Moran, who's voice is featured in the film.
Below are some links and images. 
Play on Vimeo below

Click link for Canimation page

 Bexie and Alex celebrating at the Prize giving in London


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